Who are my clients? Why to use external Communication Consultant?

  • You want to start a new business segment or penetrate new market and country. You need to get the best overview about the marketing, branding, communication, advertising and product possibilities in the new field of your future business, but at the current stage you are not ready to pay for the own marketing professional team? The broaded range of the services I am offering in this case especially for Czech and Slovak Republic.
  • You are a middle company, which has a good specialist and sales force, you wish also to have a good marketing team fitted exactly on needs of your company business, but at this moment you cannot establish a marketing department with a real marketing professionals. You don´t oriented in the broaden marketing market, offers of communication, advertising, public realation and media agencies well or you believe, that a professional marketing service is so expensive, that you can do your business without it for a next while?
  • You are a small company or tradesman, who cannot permit to have the own marketing professionals even cooperation with a prestige agencies. You don´t oriented in the marketing field. You believe that have the own marketing is too expensive but maybe you are thiking how to get more information, how that successful companies using tools like is – marketing, branding, public relation – and how all of these features to use for you own business success?
  • You are a big international company with the own marketing specialist. Now you are solving the new, unusual, big or stagnating issue… You use prestige communication, advertising, media and public relation agencies, but still you are not sure, how ensure the expected resultes…  And so on you are thinking about professional external consultancy services from the oher side?